This Week On Abeano: Big Boi & Jai Paul, Disclosure, Vondelpark, Jessie Ware, Peace & More

Christ, still haven’t done the gift shopping. Might just get everyone stress balls and call it a day. Maybe like a coffee maker or something? People still use those, right? With the little cappuccinos and that? Maybe I’ll get a voucher for any boxset ever so I don’t even have to have the responsibility of picking the right one. Or maybe just like, every funny fact book ever made. I dunno, here’s what went on the blog this week:

Big Boy released his new album, and on it he did a track with music’s most elusive man (apart from Burial) Jai Paul. It also features Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano and is quite a strange tune, still good though: http://www.abeano.com/big-boi-featuring-jai-paul-little-dragon-higher-res/15408

Disclosure started the week with a remix of Artful Dodger’s garage classic Please Don’t Turn Me on, and, if anything, made it more mellow: http://www.abeano.com/artful-dodger-please-dont-turn-me-on-disclosure-remix/15481

Vondelpark’s Halloween spesh Dracula got some visuals this week, and they make us feel like we’re roaming about swigging White Lightening and walking into benches: http://www.abeano.com/vondelpark-dracula-video/15515

Along with the cutest video of the year, perhaps all time (?!?!), Jessie Ware had ANOTHER remix of her songs done, but this one, by Cyril Hahn, we exceptional, so we posted it urrrrp: http://www.abeano.com/jessie-ware-sweet-talk-cyril-hahn-remix/15501

If you like ass-shaking booty-clapping then look no further than, er, Peace’s new video? The visuals for single Wraith are gratuitous in their buttockery, are we’re alright with it tbh: http://www.abeano.com/peace-wraith/15520

Field Day have given us 2 tickets to give to YOU, the consumer, and we wanna give ‘em, we do, but you gotsta use your brain first: http://www.abeano.com/field-day-2012-ticket-competition/15510

And lastly we have How To Dress Well dressing well, singing well, doing videos well and generally just larging up his own status with this cool track/ visual combo: http://www.abeano.com/how-to-dress-well-it-was-u/15488

Right, I’m off to get my stomach pumped cuz I dropped a bunch of Xanax thinking they were… Nah, I knew what they were. Ta ra!