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Wiley – Step 2001 (Prod. from Zomby)

I dont think there’s any arguing either of these giants importance to British music. Step 19 on his Step series has Wiley returning back to his Sidewinder sets, back when he was the road runner instead of the coyote, the jungle beat playing catch up to his MCing. Zomby, too, was influenced by it’s syncopations. They’ve somewhat grown alongside each other, but simulataneously taking different paths past the late 00′s. It’s one of those extremely unlikely moments, like in sports, comparing two players of different, not necessarily, rival teams in the same era, wishing you could have been blessed to have seen them on the same team 15 or so years on. Not only have they finally collaborated on the same track, they’ve gone back to their peak career characteristics and tendencies at the same time. Blessed. Someone please build that statue for Wiley in Bow already so I can sneak up in the dead of night and put a V for Vendetta mask on it.