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Rustie Press Shots 2011

This Week On Abeano: Rustie, Flatbush Zombies, Ango, SBTRKT, Juicy J & much more

Good God it’s muggy isn’t it? I had to change my shirt today cuz it was a couple of threads too thick, you know? Can’t be going out in hot shirts in this weather, no siree. Imagine how hard it would be to compile all the awesome stuff that’s gone up on Abeano over the past week if you’re just sat there secreting sweat like a thief in a line up? Speaking of line ups…

Manchester’s number one Winter-long party The Warehouse Project is back, and the amount of exceptional people playing is almost mind blowing. Check the whole thing, there’s bound to be something you like: http://www.abeano.com/warehouse-project-2012-full-line-up-dates/13721

Ever wonder how people in Florida think? Well wonder no longer, as rapper Yung Simmie has answered that question in his track Florida Nigga Mentality: http://www.abeano.com/yung-simmie-florida-nigga-mentality/13737

502 Recordings’ own Fis-T did a mix for Urban Nerds/ Outlook Festival, and it’s one for the exercises: http://www.abeano.com/fist-t-mix-for-urban-nerds/13734

Rustie has added a vocal for his horn-y (not like that) track After Light, with none other than Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge fame. Don’t miss out on this one: http://www.abeano.com/rustie-featuring-aluna-francis-after-light/13709

Flatbush Zombies released their tape D.R.U.G.S t’other day, and you, yes you, can download it now: http://www.abeano.com/flatbush-zombies-d-r-u-g-s/13703

LuckyMe’s RnB crooner Ango’s track True Blue has a gorgeous vocal melody in, been in our heads for days I tell you: http://www.abeano.com/ango-true-blue/13680

SBTRKT, apropos of nothing, just SLUNG this new track onto Soundcloud. We were all like ‘what?’ but then we were all ‘ah I like this one. I like it.’: http://www.abeano.com/sbtrkt-gloss/13690

General Trippy and hero of our times Juicy J teamed up with Project Pat for a song about how even though they’re totally wealthy, they’ll never stop the hustle. It’s called ‘Still Hustlin’, cuz they’re still hustlin’: http://www.abeano.com/juicy-j-featuring-project-pat-still-hustlin/13713

Swamp 81 wunderkind Mickey Pearce remixed Redlight’s track Lost In Your Love, with sexy results: http://www.abeano.com/redlight-lost-in-your-love-mickey-pearce-remix/13725