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Lofty305 x Eyedress – m(o)isture 2.0

Following on from their blissed-out video for ‘Dont’, Miami rapper Lofty305 and Filipino producer Eyedress have obviously got something special going on. Their collaborative mixtape m(o)isture 2.0, premiering below, sees Metro Zu member Lofty “tryna figure out what life means” and asking “why should we have to be so lonely?” in lyrics that are frank and self-reflective, featuring a host of isolated wandering characters “street-stalking”. Meanwhile, our boy Idris Vicuna builds a haunted forest for those stories to wander in, working with a lush set of vocal samples as well as his usual palette of prowling, glitchy pop (download his Hearing Colours mixtape from earlier this year here).

A sample of Daniel Johnston’s ‘Dream Scream’ set to Lofty’s listless rhymes brings one of the tape’s most surprising and raw moments; but there’s also plenty of the dark humour you’d expect from both artists here, with most tracks clocking in neatly at under two minutes (the whole tape running to less than 20), and Lofty admonishing himself to “enunciate, enunciate.” The whole thing is seamless – but don’t just take our word for it, cop it here first.