Antoine93 – Extra Strong

Going off the last album that Montreal pop singer/producer Antoine93 released on Bandcamp, his music is all about both our “hyper-technological era” and “feelings,” encompassing everything from Dido samples to clean-cut 80s choruses and gooey, bubbly production. His latest, ‘Extra Strong,’ is a sly wink of 2014 pop, as euphorically fun as it is laden with double entendre and light sarcasm (“you’re sooooo strong, extra strong,” Antoine croons, as the artwork shows a product shot of what could easily be “extra strong” branded condoms). Antoine himself had this to say about the track: “‘Extra Strong’ is a hyper-generic dance anthem about being empowered in what you do and never settling. It’s got the energy of Prodigy’s ‘No Good (Start The Dance)’ and the catchiness of Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love.’” Couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Photo: Evan Smith