New Look – Janet

Looks like Hudson Mohawke isn’t the only person who has been indulging their love of Janet Jackson recently. As a bonus track to their forthcoming album, New Look have covered and synthily reworked Janet Jackson’s saxy ode to not talking to that special guy, ‘He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive’. You may remember the track from Jamie xx’s recent Essential Mix.

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Janet Jackson – He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive

New Look play dates in the UK and France this October. The single ‘Nap on the Bow’ is out next week and the album follows on 10th October.

Oct 3rd – Lanzarote Club Night – CAMP, London 
Oct 4th – Jam @ Brighton 
Oct 5th – Nottigham, Rescue Rooms 
Oct 6th – Bristol – Support to TEETH, Start the Bus Oct 7th – Clash Night @ The Nest, London
Oct 7th – Rough Trade instore 7pm 
Oct 10th – Custom @ Nouveau Casino , Paris 
Oct 12th – Silencio, Paris

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