Joker – Essential Mix

Joker’s debut LP may not be loved by everyone, but it all works in this 2 hour essential selection. It features lots of Joker old and new, tunes from Ish, Benga and Ginz plus some remixes from Rustie and Goldie.”Long story short I always listened to garage as a kid” he explains of his first moves in music “I remembered hearing tunes, thinking, ‘why doesn’t that song last longer or why don’t they put that drum there do that’. One day after school I went to my cousin’s house and I seen him using fruit loops. I said ‘do you just download that and put it on the computer?’ and he said ‘yeah’. It started from there.”
“I approached this mix but just playing songs I liked. Quite a lot of my own stuff, tunes of my friends and stuff I listen to in my own time”

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Joker — Intro
Liam Petrelli — Old Era
Stinkahbell — Something In Your Eyes (Joker Special)
Benga — Faithless
Joker — Back In The Days (Feat Buggsy Scars Shads)
Joker — Back In The Days Feat Ghetts & Lil Nasty)
Joker — Skitta
Joker & Ginz — Purple City
Joker — Milky Way
Joker — Saturn
Sam Frank — Simple Life
2000f & Jkamata — You Don’t Know What Love Is (Joker Special)
Joker & Sills — Slaughter House (Instrumental)
Skream & Sam Frank — Anticipate
Gemmy — Tales Of The Deep
Skream — Tweedle (Feat Trim)
Joker — Tron
Red Light — Unknown
TC — Wait A Minute
Benga — Running
[email protected] — A Case Of The Bleeps
Joker & TC — It Aint Got A Name
Joker — On My Mind (Featt William Cartwright) (Extended BBC Radio 1 Version)
Joker — On My Mind (Rustie Remix)
Joker — On My Mind (Goldie Remix)
Joker — Lost (Feat Buggsy And Otis Brown)
Joker — Trancey (aka Sherbet Face)
Mensah — Dutty
Lwiz — Straight Jacket
Joker — My Trance Girl
Metal Gear Solid 3 — Snake Eater Theme
Joker — Snake Eater
Benga — Acid Lie
Joker — Electric Sea (Feat Jay Wilcox)
Benga — Oldskool Revenge
The Others — Planet X
???? — Go Straight
DJ Zinc — Nexx
Rose Royce — Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
Ish — Don’t Stop
Michael Sterling — Desperate
N3gus — Swag Bag
Tc — Tap Ho
Interface & Die & William Cartwright — Bright Lights
Mort Garson — Music To Soothe The Savage Snake Plant
???? — Spring Yard Zone