Jamie XX – 6 Music Mix

BBC 6 Music handed over the Sunday night Mix to Jamie XX.

Jamie played some of the biggest tunes of the year from his collaboration with Gil Scott Heron plus the tracks that have influenced the record and him personally. “These are the things that influenced this album. I got into this from just growing up in London” he said of tracks from the likes of Roll Deep “Going out in clubs. The majority of the music in South London was garage and drum and bass. Also, my uncles were kind of involved in music and showed me some new things I’d never heard before”. He also chatted about still learning the remix game, his love for RJD2 – one of the first people he heard doing sample production – and how the xx are eager to get back in the studio. He also revealed that he’ll be working with Drake in the next week or so. SQUEAL!

Here are our favourite 5 from the mix.

Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford – Nobody

A track from the 1970s. Jamie came across it on an old 7″ and – unsurprisingly – it’s one of his favourites. Big tune.

Yasmin & Jamie xx – Touch Me

We’ve been partying to Jamie XX’s remix of Rui Da Silva’s ‘Touch Me’ for sometime but this is an entirely different beast. “I just recorded it with a singer called Yasmin. We’re working on some stuff for fun, maybe a White Label. I first heard this track on Radio 1 back when Ibiza house and that chillout thing was big.” said Jamie. Check out this Live PA from The Boiler Room.

Koreless – MTI

Getting bigged up by just about everyone, Bangor boy and Glasgow resident Koreless’ MTI is making some of this year’s best new tunes. Jamie agrees.

Tanya Stephens – Can’t Touch Me No More

“This influenced some of the stuff I’ve done recently, like Adele Rolling in the Deep. You don’t hear the production and the tempo so much now. Reggae hasn’t really been part of my life until recently when I’ve just been overwhelmed. I’ve found different tangents to explore. Bashment and Reggae have been influences recently”

Yummy Bingham – Come And Get It

“because it’s just a classic”. SO IS!

Listen to the full mix in all its brilliance at BBC 6 Music

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