Girls – Lust For Life

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Photo by Sandy Kim

Girls are a four piece from San Francisco who were my favourite band at SXSW. They sound like a mix of Phil Spector-era Ramones and Big Star gone grunge. The songs are ridiculously brilliant, the lyrics insanely catchy, the sentiments either overwhelmingly beautiful or overbearingly heartbreaking.

Take slacker anthem ‘I Wish I Had A Boyfriend’ below. It’s lyrically like Skeelo’s I Wish, “I wish I had a suntan/I wish I had a pizza and a bottle of wine/I wish I had a beach house and we could make a big fire every night” but musically millions of miles away.

Listen below!

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From the good people of true panther sounds

UPDATE: This song is actually called ‘Lust For Life’. Sorry about that!

Also, here are a load of videos with themz in it