Deaf Club – Hana

Epic – a word normally used when people really mean ‘loud‘ but are looking for something flashier – is used far more often than it should be. Sometimes we get excited at the thought of an “epic chorus” only to be left with something that sounds more like a wet fart echoing around a recording studio. However, Deaf Club actually seem to posses the tools required to craft something truly befitting of the title. Case in point, ‘Hana’, the lead track from the band’s free EP ‘Lull’, available via their Bandcamp page now. Deaf Club don’t do sparse, they don’t do space and they certainly don’t mess about. The brooding atmospheres and rising tensions that run deep through their first four songs are the sounds of a band packed with potential and huge ambition. Take a glimpse inside their world, we get the feeling this is just the start.

Deaf Club – Hana by abeano