Chief Keef – Back From The Dead Mixtape

Chief Keef is a 16 year old Chicago rapper who has been causing a storm in the US these past months. Despite being relatively unknown outside the city’s schools until December 2011, a fan video and one big track ‘Bang’ sent him worldwide. To find out more and fill in the details Chicago music don David Drake visited him at home for Gawker (he’s right about the chorus on this, and it’s already got people talking) but here’s a brief guide to some of Keef’s tracks.


Keef’s first big tune (it’s had over 900,000 views on youtube to date) and the one to get him noticed by readers of WorldStarHipHop after the website posted this video of his biggest fan celebrating Keef’s release from house arrest (you thought boybands had it crazy). Lil B has recorded a remix as has Soulja Boy and it’s produced by his friend DJ Kenn, one of the big influences on Keef’s sound.

Everydays Halloween

Features an intro from Keef’s grandma (he lives with her and like any grandson, rapper or not, he doesn’t stop eating her food) . “I don’t know who’s gonna get famous for this shit” she says “but I know one thing; when they make it, they’re leaving”.

I Don’t Like It (feat.) Lil Reese

New Chief Keef added earlier this week, this time produced by Young Chop. One of the biggest tracks on the the ‘Back From The Dead’ mixtape that also features tunes with fellow Chicago rapper King Louie, Johnny Maycash and a Soulja Boy remix. Download the whole thing here.