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Stormzy x Showa Shins & Starboy Willz – Jupa

Not since Dizzee has anyone been as concise with descriptions of life in London as Stormzy, in any genre of music. He also shares that similar inherent humour; the ability to turn around a phrase like Phats and Small, all the while possessing blatant electricity wherever he chooses to perform. The early stages of their careers house big differences, however. ’Jupa’ (originally on the ‘Dreamers Disease’ EP) has him featuring over an excellent afrobeat instrumental. While being far removed from a Sidewinder set, we shouldn’t necessarily have those expectations of Stormzy, it’s a different time in grime (he’s a different person altogether) but no one would deny it’s an exciting point in his career. A duvet of steel pans envelops Stormzy alongside Showa Shins & Starboy Willz, and they never sing too loudly above the mix, keeping everything at a bouncy level of familiarity. The duo’s new Sound of the Libra EP is out soon. In the meantime, catch the summery video for ‘Jupa’ below.