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Jabu – Chamber

The UK’s spoken word heritage is rich, with figureheads like Mike Skinner casting long shadows with frank lyricism that drifts somewhere between rap and confessional poetry. This year feels like a moment ripe for crossover, with musical releases from Kate Tempest on Big Dada, Josh Idehen with LV on Keysound and a huge single from Bodhi featuring George the Poet in a starring role. Repping the Bristol voice are Young Echo duo Jabu, bringing together the skewed electronics of Amos Childs and the straight talking of MC Alex Rendall. ‘Chamber’ is taken from their recent Kwaidan EP for Ramp, and the video sees Rendall deliver his lines with a dead-set stare in the confines of an abandoned house; you can hear the weight of all that history in his voice, and yet these two are carving out an eerie space of their own.