About Abeano Music

Abeano Music began in Spring 2008 to celebrate the best new music coming out of the UK and The Rest of The World.

Between us we’ve posted exclusives for everyone from The XX to Vampire Weekend, Hot Chip to Shakira and been one of the first blogs to post about the likes of Wu Lyf, Jai Paul and Jay Electronica. We will try and keep this up in the future.

Ps. We’re always looking for new contributors.

If you feel you could contribute something please contact us at abeanomusic AT gmail.com . It’s the same address for any questions, or send us music. It’s not for tips about penis enlargement. We know about that already.

*Who are we? (Past, present and once or twice)*

*Imran Ahmed* loves new music, fantasy football and scrabble. He used to work for the NME and invented the Radar section and has presented on BBC Radio 1 and 6 music. He also likes parties. If you see him out buy him a drink.

*Sian* edits Abeano.com and writes about music, food, films, art, TV and other things. She loves music that makes her dance.

*Rhian Daly* is “Music Editor”:http://rhiandaly.tumblr.com/ of Goldsmiths’ music magazine ‘Smiths’ in 2010/11, contributor to all things Abeano and a budget Alexa Chung. Apparently.

*Alison King* is a new music lover, earl grey drinker, jelly baby eater. She writes about at least one of these things for lots of publications. Her special powers are Pop and Perving.

*Hazel Sheffield* wrote for Abeano in the early days. She now travels all over the world (most recently Liverpool, we hear) “writing about all kinds of terribly exciting things.”:http://hazelsheffield.wordpress.com/

3 thoughts on “About Abeano Music

  1. Guy Ellis

    Hey Abeano,

    Thought there would be a chance you might be interested in my music and should be suitable for your page! Hope you guys enjoy it if you have the time to listen, the full album is here:

    Lots of love,

    Guy Ellis

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