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J Hus – Guns & Butter

It’s about time. Ever since ‘Dem Boy Paigon’ was released on the Mad About Mixtapes blog, the sheer name of the blog led to frantic, unfruitful searching of multitrack release. Grime’s greatest strength is its freedom, with thoughtful tendrils extending through and growing alongside/from genres including reggae, dubstep, jungle, funky, afrobeat, the list goes on; but it still inherently sounds UK due to it’s dancehall roots. The golden child J Hus evidently shares an appreciation for Tupac, spitting over Pac’s posthumous refix of Liberian Girl by Michael Jackson in a previous freestyle, it’s unmistakably Mr.Shakur’s wisdom at the start of Guns & Butter.

“But why you wanna call me a criminal / You invaded my ancestors land / In the dunya, it’s guns and butter” With certain artists you can just tell when certain aspects are effortless, it’s his hook/bridge writing which is unbridled joy alongside his already great adlibs, and the awareness shown in the above lyrics. ‘No Way’ has obvious trap influence, whereas ‘Who Are You’ steers closer to his inherent afrobeat strengths. It appears that with this mixtape’s beat selection, (as is characteristic of an artist’s first mixtape) he’s shooting a few ideas out here and there, but still very much comfortable to the sound of previous single track releases such as ‘No Lie’. TL;DR, this more than lives up to the promise, don’t miss this.

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