Mumdance & Novelist – 1 Sec

Mumdance and Novelist are marking the latter’s 18th birthday with the release of ‘1 Sec’, a stunning grime track that lives up to all the promise of ‘Take Time’. The MC has an unquestionable talent equally for penning infectious hooks and Revenge of Shinobi-level killer verses, while Mumdance produces the slickest of slick tarmac for his brother to skate donuts over. “2 2 Lewisham man gone country, 2 2 Lewisham man not farming” is genius, encapsulating how the Lewisham MC is rising through the ranks while vitally retaining his inherent humour. Ominous bells ride intermittently under bass that would raise the soil on a grave a successive few inches, threatening to break the surface as an ACG x Nike gloved hand. In the incredible video, directed by Simon Halsall, the panning camera never settles, swinging constantly like punches being thrown at grinning Novelist-shaped silhouettes, catching nothing but icy air. The 1 Sec EP is out today on XL Recordings.

Words by Akash Chohan