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Sami Baha – Mavericks One

An appearance on Kuedo’s Truancy Volume from May last year was one of the few places London based Sami Baha’s ‘Mavericks One’ has popped up. Here he speaks to Mixmag about some of his musical upbringing and influences that contributed to his sound: “I grew up when the Arabic style of Turkish music known as Arabesk was at the centre stage of Turkish culture, so I was listening to popular Turkish performers Ibrahim Tatlises and Muslum Gurses alongside trap originators DJ Screw and the Atlanta scene.”

In an era where artists ‘otherworldly’ upbringings are compartmentalized and presented online with brush-marks characteristic of fetishization, a side effect is that the innumerable inter-sectional scenes/people are all beginning to thrive in the club-music spotlight at the same time, with no clear focus in whats ‘in’ right now accelerating too fast for (the most part, white) band-wagoners to jump to the cart across. The negative side effects of this speed are surely due to come but for the time being there hasn’t been more health and variety across the board in club mixes, speaking solely of the kinds of sonics being played, by the people who have organically grown ties to it. (In no small part helped along by the movements of Total Freedom).

‘Mavericks One’ is an example of a instrumental that sounds like a club track in 2015-2016, while not contributing to the homogeneity of the sphere of tracks fluttering around it. Sparks flicker around from the chassis that lost a few bolts and is now scraping the tarmac, a track where it hits a few mellow interludes of contemplation at a red light before introducing the sharp hi-hats stitched into the track to keep the wound from bursting each time the bass is re-introduced.

The six-track ‘Mavericks’ EP lands on Planet Mu on April 1 and includes a collab with Kuedo, see him make a track in ten minutes here. ‘Mavericks One’ was premiered by Mixmag, listen below: