Bandcloud Christmas Compilation 2014

Bandcloud, a weekly round-up of the best shit on Soundcloud and Bandcamp curated by Truants writer Aidan Hanratty, has just released a free 2014 Christmas Compilation, full to the brim with tracks characteristic of Hanratty’s usual hip-hop, rave and ambient-encompassing picks. Opener ‘Mausoleum’ by Wonja contains a faint incandescent melody that illuminates over the satisfying ASMR crunch of snow in the track’s lower depths. But the compilation covers a wide spectrum, splitting into more danceable estuaries with ‘The Right To Be Forgotten (Dub)’ by London based Holmes Price (pictured), giving flashbacks to sunset drives along GTA Vice City’s Ocean Beach. ‘The Fear In Which I Wake’ recalls Talbot Fade orbiting in geocentric isolation, trying to send harrowing, beautiful noise to a childhood friend who is in a partner satellite. The Earth (and consequently Bandcloud) happened to be in the way of the signal, though, and thankfully it wound up on Soundcloud for us all. Stream the compilation below, download it here, and sign up for the weekly mailout here.

Words by Akash Chohan

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