jme abeano


“I will drapes all your HP that’s why they call man, The Very Best” Whether you measure him on his blistering MCing, inherent entrepreneurial skills or solid social values, JME aka Jamie Adenuga is a great role model. Part of a talented family, he regularly carries out humanitarian acts; such as when he drove around with sleeping bags to give to the homeless last December, asking Twitter the whereabouts of the people in need and delivering them personally. Nor does he want credit either, these acts aren’t PR stunts. Can’t say for sure, but swapping mint condition, Base Set, shiny Charizard’s for copies of his album ‘Integrity’ is maybe, lowkey another one of those instances. ‘THE VERY BEST’ is a unique tribute to Pokemon, refixing the original intro, loaded with references (and wordplay we’ve learnt to associate with Jamie) for the games which included the original, nostalgia-bomb-detonating-making-Team-Rocket-blast-off-again 151. I’m not going to Raichu anymore words, watch below.