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Ziro & Gemma Dunleavy – Surrender

Ziro continues his win streak with ‘Surrender’, a collaboration with Dublin’s vocalist Gemma Dunleavy; it follows on from last autumns Lionheart EP plus last years ‘Black Dragons’ collaboration with Riko Dan. On ‘Surrender’, Dunleavy’s vocals show off her inherent range the lyrics being more harsher than that of ‘Jasmine’ or ‘Deep Breath’, (the featured track being much more akin to her Boiler Room set or ‘I Cry’ released in 2013) to match the sharp edges on Ziro’s production. Cold wind chimes clink forming an exoskeleton while the smoke from burnt carbon fibre synths during the hook envelope around her vocal. Listen below, it’s out on Crazylegs Feb 12th.

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